Google Ads

What are Google Ads Services

Google Ads Services : -
Grow your business with Google Ads.
Google Ads makes it easy to connect with billions of people at the moment they’re looking for what to do, where to go, and what to buy. Learn how Google Ads can assist you to get more customers and achieve your business goals.

Industry: Photography

Types of goals in Google Ads Services:-
• Sales
• Leads
• Website traffic
• Product and brand consideration
• Brand awareness and reach
• App promotion
• Customized goal setting

In lead generation, we get different ad types after selecting one ad type, i.e 1) Search Ads we get different options like: -

• 1-Website visits
• 2- Phone calls
• 3- Store visits
• 4- App Downloads
• 5- lead form submission
Multiple options can be selected under lead generation > search ads.

Google Ad Services Structure: -
Campaign> Set Ad Groups> Create Ads> Confirmation

Under Campaign Settings:-
• Campaign name
• Network

• Targeting audience
• Budget and Bidding
• Ad Extensions
-Sitelink Extensions
-Callout extension
There are 5 types of audience for each goal.
-detailed demography: This refers to the audience targeted based on their age, gender, parental status, monthly income, etc.
-affinity and custom affinity: reaching audience based on what they’re interested in and passionate about; habits. Google Ads Services uses users' browsing history, time on pages visited and then associates an interest category with the user's browser.
-in-market: reaching an audience based on their recent purchase.
-remarketing and similar audience: reaching the users who have already interacted with the business once.
-your audience combination: Combination of all audience type.

Google ad models: -
• CPC- cost per click
• CPI- cost per impression
• CPM- cost per mile
• CPA- cost per acquisition
• CPV – cost per view (videos)
• CPL- cost per lead

Types of keywords:-
• Broad Match – keyword – reaches a wide range of audiences and shows variations as well as related results to the keywords.

• Phrase Match – “keyword” – results include the exact keyword, close variations to it.

• Exact Match – [keyword] – shows the results of the exact keyword that we are bidding on.
Types of video ads: -
• Skippable
• Non-skippable
• Outstream-
• Ad sequence
• Bumper – 6 seconds non-skippable ads.